Our vehicle service/maintenance warehouse is located at Kunduchi, Salasala with qualified and well trained mechanics who take care of our truck service.


Avoiding delays when a Clearing Agent is not a Transporter!

Our warehouse/Yard facilities are specifically designed to Handle both Tracks/Trailes as well as Delivery assurance before delivery to final destinations within the country, Eastern and Southern Africa

Our reliable vehicle fleet comprises of over 150 rigid and tractor units; mainly Mercedes Actros, MAN and Scania, and more than 200 trailers including Superdoll skeleton, and the very latest RoRo units.

We have a wide expertise in road transportation services with a state of the art fleet, maintained in top notch condition, guaranteeing excellence in our services. All our drivers are qualified and have many years of experience in driving trucks across several countries which helps to add on to the safety of your cargo while on the road.