Custom Clearance

“Clearing Customs is a critical aspect to get right in the chain of forwardingservices.It is imperative that goods are cleared speedily and efficiently...”

Customs clearance is a critical aspect of cross-border freight forwarding services. It is imperative that goods are cleared accurately and speedily.

Widely regarded as a leading Customs Clearance Agent, Vigu Trading has a dedicated, experienced team that provides specialised services and expert advice on all clearance formalities and documentation. Our team is fully conversant with Tanzanian and regional import and export regulations and can offer informed analysis and discussion regarding all aspects of duty valuation and related legislation.

We maintain an up-to-date tariff file that details classification/concession usage, and can offer a full part-classification auditing and reporting service.

Customs clearance is available through Dar es Salaam Sea Port, Dar es Salaam International Airport, Namanga, Tunduma, Kasulumu, Rusumu and Kabanga.