Ports of Entry

Let us facilitate the smooth flow of your cargo through the major points of entry to the region.

We provide effective customs clearance services through the following entry/exit points: Dar es Salaam Sea Port, Dar es Salaam International Airport, Namanga, Tunduma, Kasulumu, Rusumu and Kabanga.

Dar es Salaam International Airport and the Dar es Salaam Sea Port are two of the busiest and most important entry points for freight arriving for onward transit to Tanzania and other East and Central Africa regions. Inland border crossings present their own sets of security and procedural and documentation requirements that need to be managed effectively to limit delays and disruption.

Knowledgeable and experienced Vigu Trading staff members maintain respectful working relationships with key staff at all locations – helping to smoothly and speedily navigate the complex processes associated with importing and exporting cargo.