Why Choose Vigu Trading

Moving cargo around Tanzania and East and Central Africa can be a challenge, so using a reliable, fully-experienced freight transportation company makes perfect sense.

At Vigu Trading, we pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability, industry knowledge, and professionalism.

Since 2001, we have been working diligently to deliver outstanding services; providing an extensive range of transportation and logistics solutions to customers throughout our region. Our efforts have been rewarded with repeat business and sustained growth.

We are privately owned, managed and controlled, and operate in a very hands-on manner –with a total focus on the specific needs of each and every customer, large or small. High standards of service dominate all we do: we put our customers first, because we know that will, in turn, help our own business to grow and prosper.

Within our growing team of dedicated employees, we maintain a two-way personal approach that supports our ability to provide excellent service. Our people are fully trained in the most efficient procedures of secure consignment handling – from full container loads to fragile individual items.

Well-maintained vehicles play a vital part in our efficiency, and we are continuously upgrading with ‘best-for-the-job’ plant from the world’s leading manufacturers. Routine servicing by brand-trained mechanics ensures maximum performance.

With the capacity and capability to deliver the right service, at the right time, at the right price, we will be your No.1 choice for freight transportation, handling, export, and customs clearance services. If you compare freight companies, you will find that Vigu Trading stands out.

We never compromise… we just give great service!